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The “New You” In 30 Days. Audio and Video Fitness Workouts

Multi-week plans for weight loss, race training, flexibility, maternity, and more.

“Fitness with Jessica helped me get my self confidence back. I look great, and I feel even better! I can't imagine my life without it.”


I continue to be amazed by what you can do - your online classes are so good! I love your creativity to create such a kick ass class every single time!


Jessica is the best trainer to teach group fitness! Since quarantine, I've strictly done your virtual workouts and I'm in the best shape ever!


Your virtual classes have been giving me strength (literally and figuratively) Each class I feel excited, motivated and challenged in a good way.

Meet the author
Hi! I’m Jessica Strong, a certified Personal Trainer

I left corporate America to commit 100% of my time and effort to grow a business built by my passion. Fitness is not only about how you look on the outside but the strength within to walk with confidence and have the tools to live a long, healthy, and purposeful life.

I fell in love with this industry because of YOU. Your transformations through mind, body, and soul are the reasons I do what I do!

Get fit with me!

Learn how to transform your health in 8 weeks

  • Reboot using nutrition, detoxification and advanced healing strategies
  • Create positive change in your body, mind, career, relationships, and all areas of your life
  • Access deep levels of transformation at your own pace, as often as you choose
  • Move from “surviving” into “thriving”. Finally stop “fixing” and start living
3 workout programs available
Become Fitter, Stronger & More Confident!

Our fully-personalized programs will give you fast, long-lasting results

Have you ever wondered how what you eat affects your health? Healthy eating is …

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Years of experience helping people achieve their fitness & health goals.
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Multi-week plans for weight loss, race training, flexibility, maternity, and more.

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I firmly believe in the power of nature and the natural laws of the body. I offer a unique approach to creating a complete and personalized path to wellness.

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Your Coach analyzes your fitness and goals, paving your individual path to success.